Rough & Tumble Engineers
Kinzers, Pennsylvania

The Shay Railroad Repairs


2018 The next part of the Shay repairs are to upgrade the wheel supports under the engine and drive bearings.

7/18 Dennis Hornberger is pleased to report that the test steaming on 7-17-16 was a success. Everything is working as planned.

5/7  The boiler lift went well.  No problems.  The boiler was lifted into the frame around 3:00 PM and the engine was returned to the house.  Special thanks to crane operator Doug Carlisle, Norman Gay, and Shay committee member Brian Oxee.  The new boiler is expected to be tested the beginning of July.

4/9 Good News! The new Shay Boiler arrived at R&T around 7:00 PM Friday evening!   Special Thanks to Mike Knaub for getting it here and Norm Gay for carefully placing it in the shop.  The boiler will now be plumbed and prepared to mount on the engine.

The Shay Railroad engine will have a new boiler installed for operation again in 2016.  Good progress is being made by the Shay team in preparation for the upgraded boiler installation.