Rough & Tumble Engineers
Kinzers, Pennsylvania

Barry Sheinin


Barry SheininDear Good friends -
I hope everyone is doing well. I'm sorry to have to let you all know that Barry passed away on July 7 (2006). He has been very ill for a very long time and the last year has been a real difficult time for him. He had developed a bacteria in his heart valves and an aggressive coarse of anti-biotic had to be given to him - his kidneys gave out and he went onto dialysis every other day. I know that you guys never knew how sick he really has been but Barry was never one to complain about his illness and always kept up a good front. In the end God smiled upon him and he had a stroke while sleeping.

Barry always loved you all and through all of you he got to enjoy the things he loved the most - All of you and the Rough & Tumble meant so much to him and it kept him going all this time. He was so looking forward to seeing you all at this years event and I was praying he would be able to get through but it was not meant to be.

Please let everyone know - you will understand that it is difficult for me to notify everyone individually - Barry had many good friends - he was a good man and I was and am very proud of him I was blessed that we shared our lives together - I will miss him deeply.

God Bless You All,
Edith Sheinin