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Tractor Pulling Information

R&T Tractor Pulling 

The 2019 Antique Tractor Pulling Regulations are available in Resources and are available here.

The 2018 Tractor Pulling Results from the October Time of Harvest show are available here.


The Rough and Tumble Pulling Committee continues to invite and encourage  Classic Tractors to our pulls along with the Antique Tractors.
Classes are defined as follows:
Antique Farm Stock and Antique Stock - prior to and including 1960 (calendar year)
Classic Farm Stock and Classic Stock - 1961 - 1975 (calendar year)
Evening pulls to start with weigh in 4pm - 6pm with the pulls starting at 6pm.
Day pulls to start with weigh in at 8am to 10am with pulls starting at 10am.
Pull Schedules for 2019  - April 27, 2019 Saturday
                                           May 10, 2019 Friday evening
                                           June 22, 2019 Saturday
                                           August 15, 2019 Thursday evening Reunion Pull
                                           October 11, 2019 Friday evening
Trophies or Ribbons will be awarded in each class
1st Place -  Trophy
2nd Place - Trophy
3rd Place - Ribbon 
NOTE: No Trophies or Ribbons will  be awarded at Reunion Pull
Please check out Rough and Tumble Website for New Rules and Regulations.
Any questions please contact Walt Wilson 610-283-0342 or Irvin Martin 717-575-3455